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Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Hungarian Learners

For today's activity, we have curated a matching game with a "Shopping" theme. Over the next few weeks, we will be making additional puzzles using this vocabulary. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to check back later.

Vegetables: A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

Please find a crossword puzzle with a vegetable theme below. If you're not familiar with the vocabulary, you can try a matching exercise about vegetables and a vegetable-themed word scramble, which we have previously published on this subject. I hope you will enjoy them. 😊


Vegetables: A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

1 mushroom
4 carrot
5 bell pepper
6 cucumber
9 spinach
10 tomato
11 peas
13 eggplant
14 broccoli
15 zucchini

2 artichoke
3 cauliflower
7 celery
8 corn
11 leek
12 onion


artichoke     :       artichaut
bell pepper   :      poivron
broccoli      :         brocoli
carrot  :  carotte
cauliflower  : chou-fleur
celery  :  céleri
corn   :    maïs
cucumber      :      concombre
eggplant        :      aubergine
leek    :   poireau
mushroom     :     champignon
onion  :  oignon
peas  :    petits pois
spinach : épinard
tomato : tomate
zucchini      :         courgette


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