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Learning HSK Words with Puzzles. Level: HSK 1

It's my pleasure to announce the publication of Elle Lin's first book "Learning HSK Words with Puzzles. Level: HSK 1". She worked on this book for several months, and finally, it is available on Amazon. 

Elle Lin, Learning HSK Words with Puzzles

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With the help of this puzzle workbook, you can practice the vocabulary necessary for the HSK 1 exam. The book is split into two parts. 

The vocabulary needed to pass the HSK Level 1 of the so-called "New HSK 2.0" can be found in part one, that is, in Units 1 through 6, and the first revision. The "New HSK 2.0" was still in use when this book was written. However, to practice all the words needed for the HSK Level 1 of the "New HSK 3.0" announced in 2021, you have to work your way through the entire book, that is, through the first and second parts as well.

Including the four revisions, the book is broken up into 25 units. In total, there are 125 exercises in it. In our opinion, using puzzles to practice vocabulary makes the process much easier. As a result, the book contains exercises like matching games, word searches (character searches), crossword puzzles, word fill-ins, and much more.

The book was created to be a HSK word practice book; grammar exercises are not included. As a result, you will also need a good textbook if you want to pass the exam successfully.