Vegetables: A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

Bell peppers

Can you identify which vegetable names belong to which images? The first step is to identify each name in the spiral below. When you have the names, search through the numbered pictures to find the corresponding one. If you need a little assistance, just scroll down to the end of this article to find the vocabulary you need to solve this puzzle.


Word Spiral

Des légumes


artichoke     :       artichaut

asparagus     :      asperge

bell pepper   :      poivron

broccoli      :         brocoli

carrot  :  carotte

cauliflower  : chou-fleur

celery  :  céleri

corn   :    maïs

cucumber      :      concombre

eggplant        :      aubergine

green beans    :   haricots verts

leek    :   poireau

mushroom     :     champignon

onion  :  oignon

peas  :    petits pois

potato : pomme de terre

pumpkin      :        courge

spinach : épinard

tomato : tomate

zucchini      :         courgette