Shopping: A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

We have created a crossword puzzle for French learners, which you can find below. On the blog, two more exercises use the same shopping-related vocabulary. If you are having trouble with this puzzle, try the first two exercises in the series before coming back to this one. Have fun!

Shopping : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners

Shopping: A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners


Shopping: A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners


3 money
7 grocery store
8 trolley
9 cans
10 receipt
11 basket
12 supermarket
13 bakery


1 flower shop
2 bottle
4 bookshop
5 fishmonger
6 butcher shop

You can solve the puzzle with the help of the exercises mentioned above, 
so there is no help section provided this time.