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Actions : A Word Spiral Puzzle for Korean Learners

There is a word-search puzzle below. Your task is to number the pictures in the order they appear in the spiral. There are two other exercises on the blog that contain the same words as this one, so if you are having problems, just go back to those and review the words before trying to solve this one again. Click on the links below to get to the previous puzzles. Actions : A Matching Puzzle for Korean Learners Actions : A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

Shopping : A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

A shopping-themed word search puzzle is provided below. The goal is for you to find the French translations of the English hints in the grid. If you believe you require additional practice, the matching exercise linked below allows you to go over the same vocabulary again.

Shopping : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners


The words are hidden in the following directions: from top to bottom, from left to right, and diagonally from top to bottom. 

Bakery __________
Bookshop __________
Bottle __________
Butcher __________
Fishmonger __________
Florist __________
Groceries __________
Market __________
Money __________
Receipt __________
Shopping Basket __________
Supermarket __________
Tins __________
Trolley __________

Shopping: A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners


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