School : A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

Here's a crossword puzzle with a school theme for you to enjoy. We have already presented two other puzzles with the same set of words in the last few weeks, so this is the third installment in our series. If you are unfamiliar with the school-related vocabulary, we recommend starting with the puzzles linked below before returning to this one.

The previous puzzles: 

School : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners


Place the French translations of the English words into the crossword grid.

School : A Crossword Puzzle for French Learners

1 colored pencil
6 pencil sharpener
8 eraser
10 pencil case
11 ballpoint pen
12 satchel
13 schoolyard

2 ruler
3 timetable
4 notebook
5 classroom
7 school bell
9 blackboard