Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle for English Learners

Below, you'll discover an engaging word scramble puzzle accompanied by 16 pictures of animals. Your mission unfolds in two parts: first, decipher the jumbled letters to reveal the words; next, align these words with their corresponding images. If you feel lost, don't panic. The very vocabulary you need to solve the puzzle can be located within this blog post: matching puzzle on animals, serving as a reliable guide to navigate through the challenge. 


Animals : A Word Scramble Puzzle


BARE bear (13)
CEHAETH cheetah (4)
DERE deer (14)
EAKNS snake (2)
FWLO wolf (12)
FXO fox (16)
GAEFIRF giraffe (5)
LHTOS sloth (9)
LROPA BEAR polar bear (6)
MSIPRH shrimp (3)
NEYMKO monkey (11)
NOLI lion (1)
OCOSTPU octopus (7)
ONCACOR raccoon 8)
REBZA zebra (10)
RWASLU walrus (15)

*  *  *

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