Animals : A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

Animals Vocabulary
Welcome to another language learning journey with our word search puzzle. In the following, you'll discover 16 animal pictures accompanied by a grid filled with the names of these animals. Your task is to skillfully find the hidden words and then match them to their corresponding pictures. This  challenge offers a fantastic opportunity to strengthen your vocabulary and improve your spelling. Are you ready to take on the task? Let the word search begin!


Find the animal names in the grid. They are hidden horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom, and diagonally also from top to bottom.

Pictures of animals

A Word Search Puzzle on Animals


1 deer, 2 shrimp, 3 giraffe, 4 octopus, 5 monkey, 6 bear, 7 snake, 8 raccoon, 
9 zebra, 10 polar bear, 11 wolf, 12 walrus, 13 lion, 14 cheetah, 15 sloth, 16 fox

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