Fruits : A Word Scramble Exercise for German Learners

Below you will find a work scramble puzzle. You can enhance your vocabulary, spelling, and cognitive abilities by practicing word scrambles. Rearranging the letters of a word or phrase forces people to think critically and creatively in order to find the correct answer. This kind of activity can be entertaining and engaging in addition to being an effective teaching method for students of all ages. Overall, word scramble exercises can be a challenging and rewarding way to enhance language abilities. We already have puzzles on the blog about fruits: a crossword puzzle and a word search puzzle for beginners


Fruits : A Word Scramble Exercise for German Learners


Ananas pineapple
Apfel apple
Banane banana
Birne pear
Brombeere blackberry
Erdbeere strawberry
Himbeere raspberry
Kakifrucht persimmon
Kirsche cherry
Mandarine tangerine
Orange orange
Pfirsich peach
Pflaume plum
Traube grape
Wassermelone watermelon
Zitrone lemon

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