Fruit Names in German: A Word Search Puzzle



A word search puzzle with the names of 15 fruits is provided below. The words are hidden in all directions, so finding them all is a fun challenge. At the bottom of this blog post, there is a vocabulary section where you can find the German words needed to solve the puzzle. Just in case:-) I wish you good luck in your search!


Find the German translations of the following words in the grid:

apple, banana, orange, grape, pineapple
watermelon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, lemon
peach, pear, fig, plum, cranberry

Fruits : A Words Search Puzzle


apple -- Apfel
banana -- Banane
cherry -- Kirsche
cranberry -- Preiselbeere
fig -- Feige
grape -- Traube
lemon -- Zitrone
orange -- Apfelsine
peach -- Pfirsich
pear -- Birne
pineapple -- Ananas
plum -- Pflaume
raspberry -- Himbeere
strawberry -- Erdbeere
watermelon -- Wassermelone

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