Missing Letters in German Words : In der Stadt

In der Stadt

In a previous puzzle, we had already used words that alluded to municipal services and infrastructure. You now have the chance to review those words since this exercise uses almost the same vocabulary as the previous one.

After seeing the illustrations, fill in the blanks in the text. Just a warning: the number of letters missing from the text does not match the length of the underline symbol. If you don't think this exercise is very easy, just go to the bottom of the blog to get the answers.

You may find the former puzzle, a Crossword with Urban Vocabulary, by clicking on the link.

Visual hints to the exercise


1. __ol__enkra__er
2. __at__
3. Na__bar__aft
4. F___rw__r
5. __a__edra__
6. G_w_g
7. Kir___
8. Poli___sta___
9. Geb__de
10. Rat___s
11. __adi__
12. Fitne___tudio
13. __lo__
14. __io__
15. Schön___salon
16. Po__
17. Sch__i__bad
18. __inder___en


1. Wolkenkratzer
2. Statue
3. Nachbarschaft
4. Feuerwehr
5. Kathedrale
6. Gehweg
7. Kirche
8. Polizeistation
9. Gebäude
10. Rathaus
11. Stadion
12. Fitnessstudio
13. Schloss
14. Kiosk
15. Schönheitssalon
16. Post
17. Schwimmbad
18. Kindergarten

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