Missing Letters in Chinese Words : 在城市

In a previous puzzle, we had already utilized words referring to municipal facilities and services. You now have the chance to review those words, since almost the same vocabulary was used in this puzzle as well.


See the illustrations and then fill in the blanks in the text. Just a warning: The length of the underline symbol does NOT match the quantity of letters that are missing from the text. If you don't believe this exercise is that easy, just scroll down to the blog's bottom to get the answers.

You can access the former puzzle, an urban-themed crossword puzzle by clicking on the link.

Visual Hints for the Missing Letters Puzzle


1. 健身房 ji_nsh__f__ng
2. 警察局 j___ch__ j__
3. 市政厅 sh__zh__ng t__ng
4. 人行道 r__nx__ngd__o
5. 大教堂 d__ j___t__ng
6. 体育场 t__y__ch__ng
7. 教会 j___hu__
8. 塑像 s__xi__ng
9. 建筑 j__zh__
10. 小区 x___q__
11. 消防局 x___f__ng j__
12. . 小吃摊 x___ch__ t___
13. 游泳池 y__y__ngch__
14. 摩天搂 m__ti__n l__
15. 幼儿园 y__'__ryu__n
16. 美容院 m__r__ng yu__n
17. 城堡 ch__ngb__
18. 邮局 y__j__


1. 健身房 jiànshēnfáng
2. 警察局 jǐngchá jú
3. 市政厅 shìzhèng tīng
4. 人行道 rénxíngdào
5. 大教堂 dà jiàotáng
6. 体育场 tǐyùchǎng
7. 教会 jiàohuì
8. 塑像 sùxiàng
9. 建筑 jiànzhú
10. 小区 xiǎoqū
11. 消防局 xiāofáng jú
12.  小吃摊 xiǎochī tān
13. 摩天搂 mótiān lǒu
14. 游泳池 yóuyǒngchí
15. 幼儿园 yòu'éryuán
16. 美容院 měiróng yuàn
17. 城堡 chéngbǎo
18. 邮局 yóujú

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