Winter Vocabulary in Korean : A Word Scramble Puzzle

겨울 : Winter

Winter landscape
Two weeks ago, we published a matching exercise on the blog about the winter. You now have the opportunity to review those words because we have prepared a new exercise for you that uses the same vocabulary. This puzzle is a lot more difficult than the first one, though, so if you are stuck, be sure to check out that exercise first.

Below you will see the same pictures as before, and your task is to write the words associated with them using the scrambled syllables below. You can use every syllable only once.

I know this is not easy, but you can do it! 


Visual hints for the word scramble puzzle


갑, 겨, 고, 군, 꽁, 꽁, 
나, 눈, 눈, 늑,
다, 다, 도, 드, 딩,
람, 롱, 름, 리,
목, 무, 밤,
사, 소, 속, 송,
아, 얼, 울, 이,
장, 초, 코, 패, 하, 핫

*  *  *

You can find the solutions in the previous blog post HERE.