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Shopping: A Crossword Puzzle for Spanish Learners

We have created a crossword puzzle for Spanish learners, which you can find below. On the blog, there are two additional exercises that make use of the same vocabulary that is associated with shopping. If you are having trouble solving the puzzle, you should first complete the previous two exercises in the series before coming back to this one. Have fun! Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners Shopping: A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners

Winter Vocabulary in Korean

겨울 -- Winter

There are 14 images and a word search puzzle below. You must search the grid for words that relate to the images. Words can be found horizontally from left to right and vertically from top to bottom. Three words can be found in the grid twice. Although I don't think this puzzle is challenging, if you still need assistance, simply scroll down to the bottom of this entry to access the solution.

Pictoral hints for the Word Search Puzzle

Korean Word Search Puzzle


1. 롱패딩 -- a long puffy jacket
2. 눈송이 -- snowflake
3. 꽁꽁얼다 -- completely frozen
4. 소나무속 -- pine tree
5. 고드름 -- icicle
6. 군밤 -- roasted chestnuts
7. 장갑 -- gloves
8. 아늑하다 -- cozy
9. 핫초코 -- hot chocolate
10. 목도리 -- scarf
11. 겨울 -- winter
12. 눈사람 -- snowman


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