Actions : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners

We have prepared a matching exercise for people who are learning French. I hope you do not find it too difficult, but if you do, try to memorize the words before attempting to solve it again. The vocabulary section can be found further below.


Match the words with the correct pictures!

Actions : A Matching Puzzle for French Learners


___  attraper
___  chuchoter
___  coudre
___  courir
___  crier
___  d├ęchirer
___  lancer
___  porter
___  pousser
___  ramasser
___  s'appuyer
___  se cacher
___  tirer
___  toucher
___  verser


to carry = porter
to catch = attraper
to hide = se cacher
to lean on = s'appuyer sur
to pick up = ramasser
to pour = verser
to pull = tirer
to push = pousser
to run = courir
to sew = coudre
to shout = crier
to tear = d├ęchirer
to touch = toucher
to throw = lancer
to whisper = chuchoter