School : A Crossword Puzzle for Spanish Learners

We created a school-themed crossword puzzle for you, which you can find below. We have previously published two similar puzzles; this is the third in the series. If you think this crossword will be too difficult for you, go back to the previous puzzles by clicking on the links below. Then, once you are familiar with the vocabulary, come back and solve this crossword puzzle as well. Have fun!

The previous puzzles: 

School : A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners


Place the Spanish translations of the English words into the crossword grid.


1 school
3 timetable
5 backpack
9 schoolyard
12 colored pencil
13 school bell
14 ballpoint pen
15 pencil sharpener

2 pencil
4 ruler
6 notebook
7 eraser
8 pencil case
10 class
11 blackboard

No solutions provided here. You can find all the words you need to solve the crossword at the links above.