School : A Crossword Puzzle for Dutch Learners

The following is a crossword puzzle with a topic related to education. Although in the past we have created a few puzzles with a school-related theme, this particular puzzle is the very first one that includes Dutch vocabulary. There is no need to worry if you are unfamiliar with these terms. You will find a vocabulary section below that you can use as a cheat sheet if necessary.


Place the Dutch words for the objects/places depicted below into the crossword grid.

School : A Crossword Puzzle for Dutch Learners

Pictures of School Vocabulary


balpen : ballpoint pen
schoolbord : blackboard
klaslokaal : classroom
kleurpotlood : colored pencil
gum : eraser
schrift : notebook
potlood : pencil
etui : pencil case
puntenslijper : pencil sharpener
liniaal : ruler
school : school
schooltas : school bag
schoolbel : school bell
schoolplein : schoolyard
lesrooster : timetable