Colors : An Easy Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

A word search puzzle designed specifically for our French students is provided below. This is a simple activity designed specifically for children. They must locate 15 terms associated with colors within the grid. Word search puzzles can be a fun way for kids to expand their vocabulary, improve their spelling abilities, and sharpen their cognitive skills. Hopefully, they will enjoy it. The words, as is customary, are hidden in every possible direction within the grid.


Find the words that mean colors in the grid, and 
label the different colors on the picture, as you go.


An Easy Word Search for French Learners


Argent -- Silver
Blanc -- White
Bleu -- Blue
Gris -- Gray
Jaune -- Yellow
Marron -- Brown
Noir -- Black
Or -- Gold
Orange -- Orange
Rose -- Pink
Rouge -- Red
Turquoise -- Turquoise
Vert -- Green
Violet -- Purple