Professions: A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners

We posted a word scramble puzzle with job-related French vocabulary on this blog a few months ago. You can now review those words with a new activity. Below are 16 images representing various occupations, as well as a word search puzzle. Your goal is to find all 16 hidden professions in the grid. Do not give up, no matter how difficult it is! If you keep looking, you will eventually find them all.


Jobs -- Visual hints

Word Search Puzzle

A Word Search Puzzle for French Learners


boulanger -- baker
esthéticien(ne) -- beautician
jardinier -- gardener
coiffeur(euse) -- hairdresser
interprète -- interpreter
bibliothécaire -- librarian
professeur(e) -- teacher
infirmier(ère) -- nurse
menuisier -- carpenter
architecte -- architect
agriculteur(trice) -- farmer
boucher(e) -- butcher
caissier(ère) -- cashier
tailleur(euse) -- tailor
plombier(e) -- plumber
électricien(ne) -- electrician