Fruits : A Word Scramble Exercise for Spanish Learners

Below you can find a word scramble puzzle. Word scramble exercises can be a fun and effective way to improve language and vocabulary skills. By taking a set of words and rearranging the letters, learners are challenged to think critically and creatively about how language works. Overall, word scramble exercises are a dynamic and engaging way to supplement traditional language learning methods and can help learners build confidence and fluency in their target language. We already have puzzles on the blog about fruits: a crossword puzzle for intermediate learners and a word search puzzle for beginners


Fruits : A Word Scramble Exercise for Spanish Learners


caqui persimmon
cereza cherry
ciruela plum
frambuesa raspberry
fresa strawberry
limón lemon
mandarina tangerine
manzana apple
melocotón peach
naranja orange
pera pear
piña pineapple
plátano banana
sandía watermelon
uva grape
zarzamora blackberry

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