Colors : An Easy Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners

Below, you can find a word search puzzle, designed with children in mind. This beginner-level activity focuses on colors, and young learners are encouraged to locate 15 related Korean words within the grid. Engaging in word search puzzles promotes the development of problem-solving skills, concentration, and focus. Moreover, successfully completing a word search can instill a sense of achievement and boost self-esteem in children. We hope they will find this puzzle enjoyable.


Find the words that mean colors in the grid, and 
label the different colors on the picture, as you go.


Colors: A Word Search Puzzle for Korean Learners


Red        빨간색
Blue 파란색
Green 초록색
Yellow 노란색
Orange 주황색
Purple 보라색
Pink        분홍색
Brown 갈색
Black 검정색
White 흰색
Gray 회색
Silver 은색
Gold 금색
Turquoise 터코이즈색