Colors : An Easy Word Search Puzzle for German Learners

Check out this word search puzzle designed for children. It contains 15 words related to colors that can be found in the grid in every possible direction. Completing this exercise can be a fun and effective way for children to improve their vocabulary and spelling, as well as their concentration. It can also provide them with a sense of accomplishment and boost their self-esteem. I hope you find it beneficial!


Find the words that mean colors in the grid, and 
label the different colors on the picture, as you go.

Colors : Pictoral Hints to the Words Search Puzzle

Colors : A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners


Blau Blue
Braun Brown
Gelb Yellow
Gold gold
Grau Gray
Grün Green
Lila Purple
Orange Orange
Rosa Pink
Rot Red
Schwarz Black
Silber Silver
Türkis Turquoise
Violett Violet

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