Vegetables: A Word Scramble Puzzle for German Learners

In a previous post, we provided a practice using vegetable words. You can now check to see if you still remember those words because this word scramble puzzle uses the same vocabulary as the previous word search puzzle. If you feel lost, don't panic. The vocabulary needed to finish this exercise can be found by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog post. So let's start now!


Gemüse : Eine Zuordnungsübung

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artichoke -- die Artischocke
asparagus -- der Spargel
bell pepper -- der/die Paprika
broccoli -- der Brokkoli
carrot -- die Karotte
cauliflower -- der Blumenkohl
celery -- der Sellerie
corn -- der Mais
cucumber -- die Gurke
eggplant -- die Aubergine
green beans -- die grüne Bohne
leek -- der Lauch
mushroom -- der Pilz
onion -- die Zwiebel
peas -- die Erbse
potato -- die Kartoffel
pumpkin -- der Kürbis
spinach -- der Spinat
tomato -- die Tomate
zucchini -- die Zucchini

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