Professions: A Word Search Puzzle for German Learners

Below are 16 images depicting various professions, as well as a word search puzzle. Your task is to find the names of the 16 professions in the grid. As usual, the words are hidden in every possible direction, so finding them all may be challenging. But don't give up; I am sure you can do it!





Architekt -- architect
Bäcker -- baker
Bauer -- farmer
Bibliothekar -- librarian
Elektriker -- electrician
Friseur -- barber, hairdresser
Gärtner -- gardener
Klempner -- plumber
Kosmetikerin -- beautician
Krankenschwester -- nurse
Lehrer -- teacher
Maurer -- construction worker
Reiseleiter -- tour guide
Schriftsteller -- writer
Tischler -- carpenter
Verkäufer -- salesperson

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