Professions: A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners

You probably don't need to be convinced of the importance of learning words related to your occupation in a foreign language.  The size of your vocabulary has a significant impact on your ability to interact and engage with coworkers. To learn new words, explore the word search puzzle provided below. Your task is to find all of the hidden words that can be found in the grid in all directions and match them with their corresponding visual representations. Though challenging, this endeavor serves as a significant step towards attaining your language objectives.


Visual hints for the word search puzzle

Word Search Puzzle


panadero -- baker
esteticista -- cosmetician
albaƱil -- construction worker, bricklayer
cocinero -- cook
jardinero -- gardener
peluquero -- hairdresser
interprete -- interpreter
bibliotecario -- librarian
minero -- miner
pintor -- painter
profesor -- professor
enfermera -- nurse
carpintero -- carpenter
arquitecto -- architect
carnicero -- butcher
cajero -- cashier
electricista -- electrician

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