Professions: A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners

Knowing profession-related words in the foreign language you are learning is important because it allows you to communicate effectively in a professional setting. Overall, knowing profession-specific vocabulary can greatly improve your language skills and broaden your horizons. The first step toward this ideal situation can be found below. The names of the jobs depicted in the pictures appear in the word search puzzle. Your mission is to locate them all. It won't be easy, though, because words can be searched for in the grid in any direction.



A Word Search Puzzle with Job Vocabulary


1. baker,  2. interpreter, 3. cashier, 4. hairdresser, 5. librarian, 
6. teacher, 7. architect, 8. farmer, 9. gardener, 10. carpenter
11. beautician, 12. butcher, 13. tailor, 14. plumber, 15. nurse, 16. electrician

*  *  *

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