Fruit Names in Korean: A Word Search Puzzle



Below is a word search puzzle that contains 16 fruit names in Korean. The words are hidden in all possible directions, making it challenging to find them all. There are two sets of instructions, with one being more challenging than the other. You can use the English hints or the listed Korean words to find the words, it's up to you! I wish you good luck!


1. Find the Korean translations of the following words in the grid:

apples, avocado, bananas, blueberry, 
cherry, fig, grapes, kiwi, 
lemon, mango, oranges, peach, 
pineapples, plum, strawberry, watermelon 

Fruits in Korean : A Word Search Puzzle

2. Find the following words in the grid:

사과, 바나나, 오렌지, 포도, 파인애플 
망고, 수박, 키위, 딸기, 블루베리, 버찌, 
레몬, 복숭아, 아보카도, 무화과, 서양자두


apple 사과 
avocado 아보카도
banana 바나나 
blueberry 블루베리
cherry 버찌
fig 무화과
grape 포도
kiwi 키위
lemon 레몬
mango 망고 
orange 오렌지
peach 복숭아 
pineapple 파인애플 
plum 서양자두
strawberry 딸기
watermelon 수박