Fruit Names in French: A Word Search Puzzle



Below is a fruit-themed word search puzzle with 15 hidden fruit names. Two sets of hints are provided. The first set gives the English words and requires finding their French translations in the grid. This is geared towards (low) intermediate learners who know at least 1500 words. The second set it put below the puzzle; it gives the French words and requires finding them in the grid. This is a good exercise for both beginners and intermediate students because it allows you to practice the spelling of French fruit words. However, it may be challenging as the words are hidden in all directions. But keep going—you can do it! I wish you good luck!


Find the French translation of the following words in the grid:

apple, avocado, blueberry, cherry, grape,
grapefruit, lemon, mango, peach, pear, 
pineapple, plum, raspberry, strawberry, watermelon

A Word Search Puzzle

Find the following French words in the grid:

pomme, raisin, ananas, mangue, pastèque
fraise, myrtille, framboise, cerise, citron
pêche, poire, pamplemousse, avocat, prune


ananas  pineapple
avocat  avocado
cerise  cherry
citron lemon
fraise strawberry
framboise  raspberry
mangue  mango
myrtille  blueberry
pamplemousse  grapefruit
pastèque watermelon
pêche peach
poire  pear
pomme  apple
prune plum
raisin grape