Fruits : A Crossword Puzzle for Korean Learners

Fruits and Veggies

We have a crossword puzzle that might be of interest if you are learning Korean and want to expand your vocabulary. It's enjoyable and difficult, so you won't need to look elsewhere. This exercise allows you to test your vocabulary knowledge, including fruit names, while also having fun. Get ready to learn a few new words and quickly advance your knowledge of fruits. Let's start now!


Fill in the required words horizontally, so you can find Korean fruit names vertically in the gray squares. 
Korean Crossword

1.     photo

2.     sea

3.     to come
        rental car

4.     packaging

5.     to spoil

6.     hydrogen

7.     to bring up

8.     daughter

9.     blog

10.   bus
        to poke


1. 사과 (photo 사진, fruit 과일)
2. 바나나 (sea 바다, tree 나무, age 나이)
3. 오렌지 (come 오다, rental car 렌터카, district 지구)
4. 포도 (packaging 포장, road 도로)
5. 망고 (to spoil 망치다, gorilla 고릴라)
6. 수박 (hydrogen 수소, applaus 박수)
7. 키위 (to bring up 키우다, crisis 위기)
8. 딸기 (daughter  딸,  reporter 기자)
9. 블루베리 (blog 블로그, Romania 루마니아, pillow, 베개, liter 리터)
10. 버찌 (bus 버스, to poke 찌르다)