A Matching Exercise with Spring Vocabulary in Chinese


Below you can find a matching exercise with spring vocabulary. With the help of matching games, material can be reviewed in a fun and engaging way, keeping students motivated in their language studies. As a result of the quick feedback they provide, students can easily identify their mistakes and quickly correct them. 

Let's get started right away and learn a few spring vocabulary words!


Spring vocabulary with pictures


6  小鸡从蛋中孵了出来 (xiǎo jī cóng dàn zhōng fūle chūlái)
12 开花 (kāihuā)
15 水仙属 (shuǐxiān shǔ)
8  水坑 (shuǐ kēng)
2  毛毛雨 (máomaoyǔ)
13 风信子 (fēng xìnzi)
11 幼苗 (yòumiáo)
3  冰正在融化 (bīng zhèngzài rónghuà)
7  花瓣 (huābàn)
14 知更鸟 (zhī gēng niǎo)
10 草 (cǎo)
9  雪花莲 (xuěhuā lián)
4  雏鸟 (chú niǎo)
1  蝴蝶 (húdié)
5  瓢虫 (piáo chóng)

*   *   *

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