Vegetables: A Word Search Puzzle for Chinese Learners

Chili pepper

There is a spiral and 20 images of vegetables below. The spiral lists the names of the vegetables and the images are numbered. Before their names and the appropriate image can be matched, their names must be found in the spiral. If you think this puzzle is too challenging, you can find the necessary vocabulary by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog post.


Pinyin words



Bok choy -- 青菜 -- qīngcài

Bottle gourd -- 瓠子 -- hùzi

carrot -- 胡萝卜 -- húluóbo

celery -- 芹菜 -- qíncài

chili pepper -- 辣椒 -- làjiāo

Chinese cabbage -- 白菜 -- báicài

cucumber -- 黄瓜 -- huángguā

Edamame -- 毛豆 -- máodòu

eggplant -- 茄子 -- qiézi

green pepper -- 青椒 -- qīngjiāo

leek -- 韭菜 -- jiǔcài

lettuce -- 生菜 -- shēngcài

Lotus root -- 马蹄 -- mǎtí

Luffa -- 丝瓜 -- sīguā

Napa cabbage -- 圆白菜 -- yuánbáicài

onion -- 洋葱 -- yángcōng

peas -- 豌豆 -- wāndòu

pumpkin -- 南瓜 -- nánguā

Sweet potato -- 红薯 -- hóngshǔ

tomato -- 西红柿 -- xīhóngshì

Water spinach -- 空心菜 -- kōngxīncài

winter melon, wax gourd -- 冬瓜 -- dōngguā

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