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Shopping: A Crossword Puzzle for Spanish Learners

We have created a crossword puzzle for Spanish learners, which you can find below. On the blog, there are two additional exercises that make use of the same vocabulary that is associated with shopping. If you are having trouble solving the puzzle, you should first complete the previous two exercises in the series before coming back to this one. Have fun! Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners Shopping: A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners

Missing Letters in Hungarian Words : A városban

In a previous puzzle, words that referred to municipal services and facilities were already present. You have the chance to review those words now because this exercise uses a lot of the same vocabulary as the previous one did.


After seeing the illustrations, complete the gaps in the words. Just a warning: the number of letters missing from the text does not match the length of the underline symbol. If you need help, you can find the solutions at the bottom of the blog.

You can access the previous puzzle, a Crossword with Urban Vocabulary, by clicking the link.

Visual hints for the exercise


1. ___bor
2. t__zolt__s__g
3. kas___
4. edz__t__r__m
5. __rda
6. __v__da
7. rend__r___
8. sz__ps__g__alon
9. __p__let
10. __adi__n
11. v__rosh__za
12. te___om
13. ker__let
14. ka__edr__lis
15. m__d__nc__
16. felh__karc___
17. post__
18. __js__gáru__ b__dé

*  *  *


1. szobor
2. tűzoltóság
3. kastély
4. edzőterem
5. járda
6. óvoda
7. rendőrség
8. szépségszalon
9. épület
10. stadion
11. városháza
12. templom
13. kerület
14. katedrális
15. medence
16. felhőkarcoló
17. posta
18. újságárus bódé


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