Korean Verbs : A Matching Exercise

A Matching Exercise for Korean Learners

Are you ready for a fun challenge? Below you will find 16 pictures and 16 verbs. Your task is to match them! This exercise is specially designed with beginners in mind, so hopefully you won't find it too tricky. But if you do, no problem! Just scroll down to the bottom of this article and you'll find the solutions waiting for you. Good luck!


Korean Verbs --  a png file


1. 공부하다 (to study)

2. 받다 (to receive)

3. 설거지하다 (to wash dishes)

4. 묻다 (to ask)

5. 걷다 (to walk)

6. 가르치다 (to teach)

7. 텔레비전을 보다 (to watch television)

8. 수영하다 (to swim)

9. 만나다 (to meet)

10. 소설을 읽다 (to read a novel)

11. 선물하다 (to give a present)

12. 마시다 (to drink)

13. 말하다 (to speak)

14. 사다 (to buy)

15. 전화하다 (to make a phone call)

16. 먹다 (to eat)