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Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Hungarian Learners

For today's activity, we have curated a matching game with a "Shopping" theme. Over the next few weeks, we will be making additional puzzles using this vocabulary. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to check back later.

Vegetables: A Word Search Puzzle for English Learners


You can find a spiral and 20 images of vegetables below.  The pictures are numbered, the spiral contains their names. Your task is to find the vegetable names in the spiral first and then match them with the correct picture. If you find this puzzle to be too difficult, scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you can find the solution as usual.




1 carrot
2 leek
3 tomato
4 asparagus
5 peas
6 eggplant
7 spinach
8 corn
9 cucumber
10 zucchini
11 artichoke
12 broccoli
13 cauliflower
14 onion
15 mushroom
16 green beans
17 potato
18 bell pepper
19 celery
20 pumpkin 

*  *  *

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