Winter Vocabulary in Chinese : A Word Scramble Puzzle


Two weeks ago, we published a word search puzzle with winter-related Chinese words. Now you have the chance to review those words with a fresh exercise.

First, unscramble the pinyin words, then, make an effort to select the appropriate Hanzi from the pine tree below so you can construct the same words using Chinese characters as well. 

If you find this exercise too difficult, just scroll down to the end of this blog post, where you will find the answers as usual.


ĚXNRUÉ = snowman
ĚUIÁǓYXJ = sleet, snow with rain
RÀĚTO = earmuffs
UĀUĚHX = snowflake
XUÀXIĚ = to snow
NHZĪUGBĪ = icicle
NSŌGǓSH = pine tree
ÁXUHĚU = skiing
HÁNGBUĪ = skating
ĚIOQUXĀ = sledge
UXUÌXDĒĚ = snow boots
HSNÈÀDNSÙHG = Christmas tree

Pine tree built from Chinese characters


雪人 xuěrén -- snowman
雨夹雪 yǔ jiá xuě -- sleet, snow with rain
耳套 ěr tào -- earmuffs
雪花 xuěhuā -- snowflake
下雪 xià xuě -- to snow
圣诞老人 shèngdàn lǎorén -- Santa Claus
冰锥 bīngzhuī -- icicle
连指手套  lián zhǐ shǒutào -- mittens
松属 Sōng shǔ -- pine tree
滑雪 huáxuě -- skiing
滑冰  huábīng -- skating
雪橇  xuěqiāo -- sledge
雪地靴 Xuě dì xuē -- snow boots
圣诞树 shèngdànshù -- Christmas tree

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