Missing Letters in Spanish Words : En la ciudad


We had already used words that referenced to municipal facilities and services in a prior puzzle. You now have the opportunity to review the words because they were largely employed in that puzzle as well as this one.

Fill in the holes in the text after seeing the illustrations. Just a heads up: The length of the underlining symbol does not correspond to the number of letters missing from the text. Simply scroll to the blog's bottom to locate the answers if you don't think this exercise is that simple.

By clicking on the link, you can locate the Crossword with urban vocabulary and answer the preceding puzzle as well.

Visual clues for the Missing letters exercise


1. ca__edr__
2. i__le__
3. edi__i__o
4. ___a___n de bomberos
5. a__ra
6. ra__a__elos
7. __adio
8. __a__n de po___a
9. __mna___
10. __io__o
11. __tatua
12. sal__ de be__e__a
13. o__i__ina de _o__eos
14. a__untam__nto
15. ba__io
16. __ard__ de infan__
17. pi__ina
18. __asti__o


1. catedral
2. iglesia
3. edificio
4. estación de bomberos
5. acera
6. rascacielos
7. estadio
8. estación de policía
9. gimnasia
10. quiosco
11. estatua
12. salón de belleza
13. oficina de correos
14. ayuntamiento
15. barrio
16. jardín de infancia
17. piscina
18. castillo

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