Professions in Korean : A Word Scramble Puzzle


Korean syllables are arranged randomly in the image. They can be unscrambled to create 14 Korean words, all of which have references to jobs. On Hanna's blog, there are two exercises that deal with professions. One of them is a matching game, and the other is a quiz. If you are having trouble with this exercise, try first looking up those blog posts. Then come back to this puzzle and try it once more. As usual, the solutions are listed at the end of the article.

Korean syllables

Solution below

가수 gasu --- singer

광부 gwangbu --- miner

배우 baeu --- actor

벽돌공 byeogdolgong --- bricklayer

제빵사 jeppangsa --- baker

사서 saseo --- librarian

선생 seonsaeng --- teacher

요리사 yolisa --- cook

이발사 ibalsa --- barber

작가 jagga --- writer

원예사 won-yesa --- gardener

무용수 muyongsu --- dancer 

통역사 tong-yeogsa --- translator

화가 hwaga --- painter