Winter Word Search with Chinese Vocabulary

Winter Vocabulary in Chinese

Below are 14 pictures and a crossword puzzle. You must look for words in the grid that are associated with the pictures. Words can be found horizontally from left to right, and vertically from top to bottom. I think this puzzle is not too difficult, but if you still need help, just scroll down to the bottom of this entry, where you can find the solutions as usual.

Winter Vocabulary Pictures

Winter Word Search Puzzle


1 雪人 xuěrén -- snowman
2 雨夹雪 yǔ jiá xuě -- sleet, snow with rain
3 耳套 ěr tào -- earmuffs
4 雪花 xuěhuā -- snowflake
5 下雪 xià xuě -- to snow
6 圣诞老人 shèngdàn lǎorén -- Santa Claus
7 冰锥 bīngzhuī -- icicle
8 连指手套  lián zhǐ shǒutào -- mittens
9 松树 sōng shù -- pine tree
10 滑雪 huáxuě -- skiing
11 滑冰  huábīng -- skating
12 雪橇  xuěqiāo -- sledge
13 雪地靴 Xuě dì xuē -- snow boots
14 圣诞树 shèngdànshù -- Christmas tree