El invierno : A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners



There are 15 images and a word search puzzle below. You have to search the grid for words that relate to the images. Words can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally in every direction: forward, backward, downward, and upward. They can share letters or cross each other. If you are stuck, just scroll down for assistance. You can find the answer to the puzzle at the bottom of this entry.

Sopa de letras

Winter Images


1. escarcha -- frost
2. aguanieve -- slush
3. Papá Noel -- Santa
4. patines de hielo -- ice skates
5. esquiar -- to ski
6. nevar -- to snow
7. granizo -- hailstones
8. muñeco de nieve -- snowman
9. bolas de nieve -- snowballs
10. manopla -- mittens
11. carámbano -- icicle
12. niebla -- fog
13. pino -- pine tree
14. rasqueta -- ice scraper
15. trineo -- sled

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