Antonyms : Korean Vocabulary


Below, you will find a word search puzzle with 20 words. Your first task is to find them in the spiral and then create pairs of opposites from them. The puzzle shouldn't be too difficult, but if you still need assistance, just scroll down to the bottom of this post, where you will find the solutions as usual.

A Word Spiral with Korean Antonyms

To help you, I am giving away the meaning of the Korean words, please, see below. But be careful. The English words are in alphabetical order, so they do not follow the order of the Korean words in the spiral.

bad, clean, complex, difficult, dirty, easy, far, fast, good, impossible, loud, near, old, poor, possible, quiet, rich, simple, slow, young

*  *  * 


가까운 (near) -- 멀리 (far)

가난한 (poor) -- 부자 (rich)

가능한 (possible) -- 불가능한 (impossible)

깨끗한 (clean) -- 더러운 (dirty)

나쁜 (bad) -- 좋은 (good)

늙은 (old) -- 어린 (young)

복잡한 (complicated) -- 간단한 (simple)

빠른 (fast) -- 느린 (slow)

쉬운 (easy) -- 어려운 (difficult)

시끄러운 (noisy) -- 조용한 (quiet)