Professions : A Word Scramble Exercise for English Learners


Below, you will find 16 scrambled words. Your task is to unscramble them and write down the letters in the correct order. All of them designate professions in English. In my other blog, you can find two exercises about professions.  One of them is a matching exercise, the other is a quiz. If you are stuck, try to consult those blog posts first, then come back to this exercise and try again. At the bottom of the post you can find the solutions, as usual.

Word Scramble

KRAEB ___________________
AIUBITNACE ___________________
RREDEAGN ___________________
REISEHRSARD ___________________
ERETPNTIERR ___________________
NIAARRLBI ___________________
HTEAREC ___________________
ERUSN ___________________
REEPTCANR ___________________
ETTICHRAC ___________________ 
REARMF ___________________
TRHUBEC ___________________
RIECHAS ___________________
ROITLA ___________________
LRPBUEM ___________________
CITCLIERANE ___________________


KRAEB -- baker
AIUBITNACE -- beautician
RREDEAGN -- gardener
REISEHRSARD -- hairdresser
ERETPNTIERR -- interpreter
NIAARRLBI -- librarian
HTEAREC -- teacher
ERUSN -- nurse
REEPTCANR -- carpenter
ETTICHRAC -- architect 
REARMF -- farmer
TRHUBEC -- butcher
RIECHAS -- cashier
ROITLA -- tailor
LRPBUEM -- plumber
CITCLIERANE -- electrician

*  *  *

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