Clothes Vocabulary in Spanish : A Picture Crossword Puzzle



A simple crossword puzzle can be found below. Since we used the same vocabulary a few months ago, it should cause no problem for you. The previous entry is available here if you're interested.

If you need assistance, scroll down to the solutions where you will find the hints—this time normal Spanish words rather than pictures. They are in the solution section because you must enter the same words in the squares.


Across:                                               Down:

Hints for the Crossword



1 calcetines (socks)
6 pantuflas (slippers)
7 camisa (shirt)
9 bota (boot)
10 vestido (dress)
11 abrigo (coat)
13 blusa (blouse)
16 chaqueta (jacket)
17 traje (suit)
18 su├ęter (sweater)
19 bufanda (scarf)


2 sombrero (hat)
3 zapato (shoe)
4 pantalones (pants)
5 camiseta (T-shirt)
8 corbata (necktie)
12 guante (glove)
14 falda (skirt)
15 gorra (cap)

*   *   *

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