Clothes Vocabulary in Korean : Scrambled Syllables Exercise

 Scrambled Syllables

A shirt

Below you will find a lot of scrambled Korean syllables. Unscrambling them will allow you to discover the Korean names for the clothes shown in the image. The exercise is not challenging, especially if you are familiar with the vocabulary. :-) If not, don't panic! The exercise's solution can be found at the bottom of this blog post.

Clothes and Syllables

Solution below

티셔츠 -- T-shirt
정장 -- suit
코트 -- coat
블라우스 -- blouse
양말 -- socks
치마 -- skirt
슬리퍼 -- slipper
셔츠 -- shirt
재킷 -- jacket
모자 -- cap
신발 -- shoe
청바지 -- jeans