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Shopping: A Crossword Puzzle for Spanish Learners

We have created a crossword puzzle for Spanish learners, which you can find below. On the blog, there are two additional exercises that make use of the same vocabulary that is associated with shopping. If you are having trouble solving the puzzle, you should first complete the previous two exercises in the series before coming back to this one. Have fun! Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Spanish Learners Shopping: A Word Search Puzzle for Spanish Learners

Chinese Zodiac Signs : A Matching Exercise

 Chinese Zodiac Signs

Chinese Zodiac Signs

You can find the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs in the picture below and your task is to match them with the corresponding Chinese characters and Pinyin. If you need help, scroll down to the help section where you will find the vocabulary needed to solve the exercise.

Chinese Zodiac Signs

狗 ___, 猴 ___, 虎 ___, 鸡 ___, 龙 ___, 马 ___, 牛 ___, 蛇 ___, 鼠 ___, 兔 ___, 羊 ___, 猪 ___

gǒu ___, hóu ___, hǔ ___, jī ___, lóng ___, mǎ ___,
niú ___, shé ___, shǔ ___, tù ___, yáng ___, zhū ___


鼠, shǔ -- Rat

牛, niú -- Ox

虎, hǔ -- Tiger

兔, tù -- Rabbit

龙, lóng -- Dragon

蛇, shé -- Snake

马, mǎ -- Horse

羊, yáng -- Goat

猴, hóu -- Monkey

鸡, jī -- Rooster

狗, gǒu -- Dog

猪, zhū  -- Pig


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