A Wimmelbild : A Matching Exercise for ESL Students



A wimmelbild with a wide variety of items can be found below. Your task is to try to match the objects with the words listed under the picture. However, the names of seven objects cannot be found in the picture. Which ones?


alarm clock, backpack, ball, bike, binoculars, book, button, candles, cap, chair, coines, compass, dumbbell, doll, electric fan, eraser, exercise mat, fan, fanny pack, flip flop, flower vase, hat, headphones, jumping rope, kettlebell, lamp, laptop, life buoy, loudspeaker, map, mobile phone, passport, pen, pencil, pencil sharpener, perfume, planner, postcard, protractor, roller skates, ruler, scarf, selfie stick, shoes, snorkel, sunglasses, surfboard, table, teddy bear, totebag, towel, umbrella, wallet, water bucket, wristwatch