Clothing Vocabulary in French : A Word Scramble Exercise



We are going to share a word scramble puzzle with you today. Unscramble the letters and then fill in the blanks with the right words. Finally, do not forget to assign the correct number to each image.

If you get stuck, don't panic! Just scroll down to the vocabulary section where you will find all the words needed to solve the puzzle.

I wish you happy puzzle solving.

Clothing Vocabulary in French


botte -- boot
casquette -- cap
ceinture -- belt
chandail -- sweater
chapeau -- hat
chaussettes -- socks
chaussons -- slipper
chaussure -- shoe
chemise -- shirt
chemisier -- blouse
costume -- suit
cravate -- necktie
écharpe -- scarf
gant -- glove
jupe -- skirt
manteau -- coat
pantalons -- pants
robe -- dress
veste -- jacket