Clothing Vocabulary in Korean: A Matching Exercise

Today, I'll be sharing a matching exercise with you. Your task is to find out the meaning of the Korean words and assign the correct number to each image. If you are stuck, just scroll down to the vocabulary section and try again.

Enjoy your puzzle-solving time.

Clothing in Korean A Matching Exercise


넥타이 negtai -- necktie
드레스 deuleseu  -- dress
모자 moja -- cap
목도리 mogdoli -- scarf
반바지 banbaji -- shorts
벨트 belteu -- belt
부츠 bucheu -- boots
블라우스 beullauseu -- blouse
셔츠 syeocheu -- shirt
스웨터 seuweteo -- sweater
슬리퍼 seullipeo -- slipper
신발 sinbal -- shoes
양말 yangmal -- socks
장갑 janggab -- gloves
재킷 jaekit -- jacket 
정장 jeongjang -- suit
청바지 cheongbaji -- blue jeans
치마 chima -- skirt
코트 koteu -- coat
티셔츠 tisyeocheu -- T-shirt