FRENCH: A Crossword for French Learners

We are posting a crossword for French learners today. As you can see, the theme of the crossword puzzle is "Animals". 

While solving this puzzle you can practice not only the names of the animals but the French orthography, too, 

If you need help, scroll down to the vocabulary section where you will find the animal names in French along with their English translations. 

Crossword for French Learners


l'animal, les animaux --- engl. animal, -s
le chat, les chats --- engl. cat, -s
le cheval, les chevaux --- engl. horse, -s
le chien, les chiens --- engl. dog, -s
le cochon, les cochons --- engl. pig, -s
la grenouille, les grenouilles --- engl. frog, -s
le hérisson, les hérissons --- engl. hedgehog, -s
le mouton, les moutons --- engl. sheep, sheep
l'oiseau, les oiseaux --- engl. bird, -s
le papillon, les papillons --- eng. butterfly, butterflies
le poisson, les poissons --- engl. fish, fish
le poulet, les poulets --- engl. chicken, -s
la souris, les souris --- engl. mouse, mice
la vache, les vaches --- engl. cow, -s