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Shopping: A Matching Puzzle for Hungarian Learners

For today's activity, we have curated a matching game with a "Shopping" theme. Over the next few weeks, we will be making additional puzzles using this vocabulary. So, if you want to learn more about this topic, be sure to check back later.

A Crossword for Hungarian Learners


Today we are posting a new Hungarian crossword puzzle for you. It is meant for beginners. If you need help, just scroll down to the vocabulary section where you will find the words needed to solve the puzzle.

Enjoy your puzzle-solving time!

Crossword for Hungarian Learners


béka -- frog
csirke -- chicken
egér -- mouse
hal -- fish
juh -- sheep
kutya -- dog
ló -- horse
macska -- cat
madár -- bird
malac -- pig
pillangó -- butterfly
sün -- hedgehog
tehén -- cow

You can find a matching exercise with similar words in Hanna's blog, I highly recommend you to check it out: 
Match-up exercise -- Állatok


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