Positive Traits in Korean : A Word Search Puzzle

When we first tried to collect words about positiv traits, we faced the dilemma: What are positive traits? Is "shy” a positive characteristic all the time? Or the word "optimistic”? Is it always a positive thing to be optimistic? Wouldn't it be better to be pessimistic about the outcome of a decision sometimes, and therefore, think it over and find better ways to achieve something? Are "sincere” or "ambitious” always positive traits? Of course, we don’t know the answer, but we tried our best to choose the least problematic words from our list. 

So, below is a word search puzzle for you about positive personal characteristics in Korean.Your task is to find the following words in the grid:

똑똑한, 창조적인, 천재적인, 지적인, 능숙한, 낙관적인, 정직한,

믿을 수 있는, 좋은, 친절한, 예의 바른, 현명한, 존경하는,

성실한, 관대한, 교육받은, 야심찬

Words can go horizontally from left to right, vertically from top to bottom, and diagonally from top to bottom. Be cautious! Words can share syllables.

Happy puzzle solving!

Word Search Puzzle about Korean Positive Words

If you look at the words you found in the grid, you can see, that the words in a phrase are -- obviously -- not separated by a space, even if the phrase contains two or more words. So a sentence should look like the following ones*:

그녀는 똑똑한 사람입니다. She is a smart person.

그는 창조적인 사람입니다. He is a creative person.

그는 천재적인 사람입니다. He is a genius.

그녀는 지적인 사람입니다. She is an intelligent person.

그는 능숙한 사람입니다. He is a skillful person.

그녀는 낙관적인 사람입니다. She is an optimistic person.

그는 정직한 사람입니다. He is a honest person.

그녀는 믿을 수 있는 사람입니다. She is a reliable person.

그는 좋은 사람입니다. He is a nice person.

그녀는 친절한 사람입니다. She is a kind/friendly person.

그는 예의 바른 사람입니다. He is a polite person.

그녀는 현명한 사람입니다. She is a wise person.

그는 존경하는 사람입니다. He is a respected person.

그녀는 성실한 사람입니다. She is a sincere person.

그는 관대한 사람입니다. He is a generous person.

그녀는 교육받은 사람입니다. She is an educated person.

그는 야심 찬 사람입니다. He is an ambitious person.

*Sometimes, Korean spelling can be quite tricky. So, I politely asked the app at http://speller.cs.pusan.ac.kr/ to check my sentences. These are the versions it approved. I hope it did not trick me, though...